Your 2017 Best Bridal Shower Gift Guide

Bridal showers are designed around the bride to be and as a guest, we all try to find that perfect gift that we know will fit her the best; meaningful, personal, and memorable. After eleven years in the wedding industry we have heard from our brides directly what made their favorites list from their bridal shower. Here are a few of our top modern and traditional gifts for your favorite bride and her bridal shower.

Dance Lessons We love the idea of giving the bride a date night with her soon to be! Too often the wedding planning can be stressful and the couple can feel the tension. However dance lessons can be away for the couple to connect & useful on the big day!

Photo: Jasen Arias Weddings Planner: Meant2Be Events

Dinner Delivery subscription  An amazing way to expand on culinary skills! Not to mention that quite a few brides and grooms are pinching pennies, with funds being spent on the wedding. Our fav for making meal time easy is Hello Fresh, although there are tons of options out there! What better way to provide your favorite couple with date nights at home?

Custom Vow Books   Another sweet detail for the bride she might not have though of is custom vow books. They make for much cuter pictures at her wedding day then reading off a note card!


Photo Credit: Lisa O’dwyer Photography Planner: Meant2Be Events


Wine/Beer of the Month Club  Perfect for the adventurous drinkers. You can get insight from the groom to make it a gift that is perfect for the couple. Find out their favorite winery or brewery! Our favorite is Gold Medal Wine Club. The club offers six different membership options. We suggest the  International Series (starts at $75 and for an additional $24.95 includes a selection of gourmet food finds from the featured region). The series includes a thorough write-up of the region, winery and winemaker along with a list of interesting facts. We also have to give this club a shout out for clever packaging, especially if you are going the gift route. Bottles arrive wrapped in swanky organza bags inside an artist-commissioned box lid. Just perfect for the discerning bride at her bridal shower!

“A Year of Firsts” Wine/Beverage collection  If you’re not wanting to go the wine club route- a nice idea is to consider those special occasions they will have the first year. The bride and her groom will open each when labeled (First Christmas, First Anniversary, etc…) for a sweet tradition of firsts.

Spa Day Just before your gal pal becomes a Mrs, a great escape with her is just what every girl dreams of!  Consider a spa day or even a spa weekend, many resorts have lots of packages available.

A personalized serving tray/cutting board  Cheese boards, wooden drink trays, laser carved drink carafes, the possibilities are endless! We cannot help but swoon over some of the classic styles from Crate & Barrel.

Sexy lingerie & Sleepwear  Some bridal showers are themed and request lingerie as gifts! Try to bring out her fun side when looking for pieces! We love love love Adore Me . Their style quiz is great for narrowing down all the fabulous choices available. Plus as a member, you’re 6th set is free!

Photography Credit: Adore Me

Framed map of where the couple met Cute for couples who no longer live in the state they met. Long distance couples may even have TWO states framed.

Mrs Box That beautiful ring of hers needs the proper home. We love the Mrs Box for stylish photos and the honor that symbolic rock deserves! It’s such a sweet gift to get at the bridal shower!

Photography Credit: Karlee K Photography Planner: Meant2Be Events

Regardless of what route you go, the most important thing to support your friend is make sure she feels loved. She may not express it much, but her world is going to shift, and that can be scary. She needs you more now then ever. Take the time to pick the right gift for her and her bridal shower!