Bridesmaid Duties: What your bridesmaids should know!

What a joy! What an honor! You’ve been handpicked by your forever friend to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding. Let’s cue the confetti, pour the bubbly and let the planning begin!  Just as the bride ( finally) said “YES!” to her man, now it’s your turn to say yes to being the best bridesmaid possible. Let’s take a look at some Bridesmaid duties!

One of the many honors of being a bridesmaid means you have a front row seat for the bridal showers and luncheons. With that being said, make it a priority to attend!  We know life can get in the way, yet this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity with your friends! This is by far one of the best bridesmaid duties!

First of all put your beautiful penmanship to good use at the showers. Another one of your roles can be writing down the gifts and the giver of the gift will be a great reference so when it’s time for the bride to write those thank you notes.  There will be a lot of planning that takes place over the next couple of months, to the best of your ability, be present for those planning sessions. Furthermore you can help out with addressing save the dates, lend a hand for the list of Pinterest DIY’s. This of all the  bridesmaid duties,will help ease the bride’s stress and you will feel useful. Bonus! You and the bride will get to spend extra time together before she’s a Mrs.

Be ready to shop! More often than not, the bride has a picture of how she wants her girls to look. Sure, the fabric and color combo may not be your first choice, but for one day, you’ll rock that dress with a smile on your face.

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The week of the wedding flies by. We know you can’t push the pause button on life, but try and be available for last minute details. If you aren’t able to be present, make sure to send a text to the bride with a word of encouragement. Let her know you are SO excited for her and have loved being a part of the process.

So while being a bridesmaid is work, being a bridesmaid is such a joy and honor. Be sure to have fun and remember to treasure the memories made.

For more tips- here are some other resources, you probably won’t be a bridesmaid often, so be sure to revel in it!

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Cheers, maids! Happy Planning!