Our Talented Contributors

One of our most important partners on a wedding day is our documentarians. All the planning, the beauty the magic is so completely inspiring. But long after the candles have blown out and the glasses are empty, we want to be left with more then just our overfilled hearts and achy feet. That is why having the right photographers and cinematographers is so important! When creating the new launch of Meant2Be Events {link to home page}, it was important that we told the story that we strive for- carefree fun planning of one of the most important milestones they can share amazing couples can dream together, celebrate each other and enjoy this monumentous occassion! We carefully choose each of the images seen on our front page! Let us share some stories with you! Tara &.

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Lifestyle Referrals – all the pros we love for living a life you love!


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Meet Tasha

Tasha Miller is a lead planner with Meant2Be events. Who believes and lives life by the quote, "you make your dreams happen." By the way obsessed is an understatement about how much she loves quotes. One of her most prized possessions is a journal book she has been filling with her favorite quotes since high school, there are hundreds in there! Her passion is helping make the events vision come to life and one that touches hearts. Every wedding should reflect the love and uniqueness of that couple. Ever since she was thirteen she was obsessed with weddings and events. Once completing school she made her dream come true and has been living the dream for over ten years. A mom of 3 four legged furry labs, Majerle, Duncan and Niner. All whom love to play and cuddle with their mom..

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