Weddings a Decade ago to Now

Everything evolves and changes, weddings are no different! Over the past decade, weddings have grown and changed so much. Just say these days the pressure is on to be extravagant, unique and an experience from start to end. Let's take a look down memory lane and see how weddings differ from then to now. The Engagement Back in the day, the private proposal was in fashion. A small intimate dinner with an announcement to close family and friends was the way to go. Now it’s the bigger the better with performance. Also, having it captured by a hidden photographer to share with friends, family and social media. Giving the proposal the ability on going viral on instagram, complete with a unique hashtag.  Women’s Attire Only ten years ago we were seeing brides in classic white gowns.

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It’s Not Just A Wedding; It’s Your Wedding!

You are unlike anyone else. To have the wedding of your dreams, make sure they are your dreams.  Every couple has their own personality, dreams, goals, and talents. Yet, many weddings end up being cookie-cutter weddings. These are weddings where the bride wears the white gown, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are dressed traditionally, and the bridal bouquet is made of roses. This is beautiful and lovely if it represents the true nature of the couple. These traditions all stemmed from something at some time. For example, Until Queen Victoria wore a white (traditional style) wedding gown to her wedding, it was rarely done. A bride married in her best dress of any color (unless her best dress was green, then it was considered bad luck). Today’s couples no longer need to conform to these.

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Registry – A gift of giving. What you are buying?

It’s our favorite season; wedding season! Do you have a wedding that you are going to be attending? Let's talk about why you should stick to the registry, regardless if you are family or best friends with the couple. Put yourself in their shoes and think when you were hoping for gifts from birthdays, special moments, holidays, etc. Really a wedding is no different.  But what to get? For most people, it takes a lot of time and effort to make lists. Likewise, think about how much time and effort it took for the couple, amongst all the other things they were already planning. They not only created a list as a couple but also gave you exactly where to buy the items too! No one wants hurt feelings or that awkward conversation about how the gift was exchanged or returned. Not everyone.

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