How To Find a Date and a Place For Your Wedding Reception

Ever Wonder How Do You Pick A Date or Venue For Your Wedding? When planning a wedding, the date and location of your reception is one of the most important decisions you can make. The setting for your reception provides the backdrop for everything else on your big day: the venue, the weather, the time of year, all of this is the foundation for the rest of your wedding. If you want to achieve the wedding of your dreams when you marry your soul mate or ‘ anam cara ’ as the Celtic people called it, it is essential that you choose the right date and place for your reception. But with so many alternatives, how do you make this decision? Here are some tips for choosing the right date and place for your wedding reception. Determine Your Budget It is important to know how much you.

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A Favor for Our Guests

Doing Your Guests a Favor The Bride or Groom are typically the ones receiving gifts throughout the engagement. From engagement gifts, shower gifts, bachelorette/bachelor party gifts and of course wedding gifts. The one gift that might want to be thought about is what to give the guests. The guests favors can range from something to eat to something to remember the day to something they can use during the day. A Sweet Treat for the Tummy Giving a gift of food, candy or a beverage is an idea that we all know will be used by everyone. Some like doing mini champagne bottles as a favor and using them for escort assignments. Enhancing the cocktail hour with fancy sodas or water bottles. Candy or food is a yummy treat that can be enjoyed either at the wedding, on the way home or another.

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How to Prepare Your Newlywed Home While Planning Your Wedding

Prepare for your Home Wedding planning is beyond stressful, especially if you’re doing it all on your own. There are so many things you have to take into account up until the very last minute. By the time it’s all over and you’ve said, “I do,” you won’t want to think about anything else. But, wait. Life doesn’t stop after the wedding. What about the honeymoon? What about when you return? As much as you wish that there wasn't something to plan beyond your nuptials, you’ll be in an unfortunate situation if you don’t. The most important thing you’ll want to plan for at the same time as your wedding is your newlywed home. Upon the return from the honeymoon, you’ll want to be settled and comfortable so you can relax with your spouse. It’s easier said than.

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