How to Avoid Weight Gain Before Your Wedding

Preparing for a wedding with all the different things that need to be taken into consideration can take a toll. The anxiety of all the things that need to be done can lean to frown lines and comfort eating. The latter can be particularly problematic on one’s quest to look their personal best on their big day. This article will look at ways to be sure you don’t put on extra weight prior to the day. Reduce Stress and Risk of Comfort Eating Many of us comfort eat when stressed. One moment we are frowning over a vendor that was already booked and the next, we have eaten approximately 15 cookies. Now leaving us sitting on the couch covered in chocolate and shame. Planning everything in advance and being organized helps reduce wedding stress and your risk of comfort eating..

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Ideas for Useful Favors

Ideas for Useful Favors Ever been to  a wedding where the ceremony is in the middle of the day outside? Or to an event that was in the evening in winter and it was chilly? Wouldn't it be great if there were some forward thinking of what might be needed and actually provided there for your guests as favors? It would be great and more than great it would be impactful! Ideas or Favors for Hot Seasons If it is hot you might want to consider fans. I am not necessarily talking huge rentable industrial fans but hand held fans that can either fold up or even fans that are also programs. The program fans are fun as you can customize the information of your wedding party and the ceremony details to more details on the rest of the events. Another idea for if it is hot is a cold refreshing.

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Snapping at Your Fiance? Why You Need Sleep Despite Wedding Stress

Do you feel like you and your fiancé are snapping at the smallest of things? You're not alone. Wedding stress can come between the closest of couples. You may not realize it but lack of a good nights rest can be adding fuel to a wedding-related fire. Wedding stress can push you into a state of sleep deprivation, which in turn, continues to feed the stress that's coming between you and your fiance. The good news—the quality and quantity of your sleep are heavily influenced by your personal habits. If you focus on developing healthy sleep habits and reducing stress before bed, you can restore emotional balance and focus on what’s most important—your relationship with your fiance. Sleep Deprivation’s Effect on Emotional Stability In general, you need seven to nine hours of.

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