6 Easy Tips for Budgeting as a Newlywed Couple

In the United States alone, over two million couples get married each year. While being a newlywed comes with lots of fun and exciting moments, it can also come with some challenges as well. No matter how long you and your significant other have been together, transitioning to life as a married couple requires a new level of flexibility from both people. As you and your new spouse embark on your journey through life together, creating a budget now will help you avoid some serious conflicts down the line. Here are 6 tips for budgeting as a newlywed. Have an Honest Conversation About Finances Money is always a sensitive subject, even between people who love and trust each other. Ideally, this conversation will happen before couples tie the knot, but if not, it’s an.

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Wedding Proposal and ideas of HOW to

Planning to propose and feeling all angst about it? Ways to make life easier. Preparing for a proposal isn’t always as easy as some might imagine. Meeting the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, is just one hurdle crossed. Finding the ring, proposing and getting engaged is another. There are so many things to contemplate, like how to measure engagement ring size, after finding the right one. Below are engagement ring infographics that could be helpful with some of these issues for making the right choice. 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Married Thoughts and questions about marriage range from little things like, “what does love mean?”, - “how many children do we want, and do we want kids at all?” These are not deterrents to a union,.

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Underrated Ways to Enjoy Your Time Being Engaged

All too often, an engagement period is full of hectic wedding plans, possibly buying a home, or just planning for marriage in general. Although all of these are wonderful, once you and your fiancé are married, your relationship won’t ever go through this stage again. You don’t need to abandon other important events and plans but take the time to enjoy being engaged so that you’ll carry fond memories of this special time with you forever. Here are five proactive ways that you can appreciate this phase of your relationship and get your marriage off on the right foot. Establish Priorities and Expectations Early On This might sound like a real bummer of a thing to do while your engaged, but it’s a key factor for ensuring that things go smoothly from the beginning. Delegate.

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